Matt York has been nominated as "Best Male Artist" by The New England Music Awards in 2018 and 2019.His most recent album, Bruisable Heart, was selected as one of the Boston Globe's Top Albums of 2019


Guitar Lessons:

I began playing guitar when I was ten years old and have had a guitar in my hand ever since. Through the years, I've also taught guitar and have loved doing so. Now, with the pandemic canceling all live music for the foreseeable future, I've started teaching again. If you are interested in lessons, please feel free to email me at or call/text me 781-953-6177. I'll be offering masked, in-person lessons for people in the Pembroke area and also Skype/Zoom calls. If you are an adult that owns a guitar and has always wanted to learn a few chords or more, I'd be happy to help. If you have a child that's interested in playing electric guitar, acoustic guitar or bass guitar, I'd be happy to get them started. In my experience, each student is different. Some of them want to just learn songs they hear on the radio, some want to become technical players and work from a guitar lesson book. Generally, I try to do a blend of both, but am happy to work with each student to find what's right for them. If there's one thing the pandemic has shown, it's that having a hobby is a nice thing and most of us have a lot of extra time on our hands right now, so I thought it'd be fun to start teaching again.


House Concerts Once COVID has moved on

I'll again be performing house concerts throughout New England. If you're interested in hosting one in the summer of 2021, please reach out to me and we can try and make it work. With the amount of clubs and small theaters that have already announced they are closing permanently, there's going to be a real need for concerts in places other than those places. House concerts are a great way to hear live music and I always enjoy playing them. If we book something for 2021 and things don't seem to yet to have returned to normal pandemic-wise, we can easily cancel/reschedule.




Throughout my years in music, I've always played shows both as a solo acoustic act and with a full band. All of the albums that I've recorded over the years have had a full band with drums, bass and electric guitar. However, I've also recorded several acoustic solo tracks on those albums. I've played acoustic gigs at some great rooms throughout the country including the legendary Bitter End in NYC, T.T. the Bears, Narrows Center for the Arts, The Spire Center in Plymouth and literally hundreds of other places.

I'm also hoping to do some house concerts in 2018. If you have interest, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at or fill out the contact form. If you want more info on what a house concert entails, this is good overview.

Below are a couple of links to solo performances and a recent acoustic recording I did at Seasound Audio in Plymouth, MA.